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We just added another Wednesday Men's Rec & Intermediate Basketball league at DU starting 2/5!!!

Weekend Basketball at DU and SWIC start next week... Do not miss out on playing this Winter!!!

FootGolf Social @ Kennedy Golf Course

  • Sport: Footgolf
  • Format: Footgolf
  • Locations: Kennedy Golf Course
  • Days of the week: Saturday
  • Starts on : Starts on Saturday, May 9
  • Dates: 5.9
  • Times: 10:00 AM

Signup Deadline: Friday, May 8

The Game
The game of FootGolf is played from the teeing zone with each player aiming for the hole on the green zone in the fewest number of kicks.

Head – Flat cap or Golf style cap
Upper Body – Shirt with collar
Lower Body – Golf style shorts
Footwear – Indoor or AstroTurf style trainers

Your equipment
You must have a size 5 soccer ball and a round ball marker.

Get Ready
Arrive 10 minutes before your tee time to make sure you are ready to tee off right at your tee time.

The Teeing Zone
The player with the best previous score always goes first. Wait for your turn to kick the ball down the fairway.

The Fairway
When on the fairway, the player furthest from the hole plays first. If any ball is in the way or in a position which is an advantage to you, it must be marked and removed. If your ball interferes with another player, you can mark it. If you hit another ball on the fairway, the other player must replace their ball to the original position.

The Green Zone
You must mark your ball within 3m of the hole. If you don’t mark your ball and it gets hit by another player, you will both be penalized one kick. The correct way to mark the ball is to place your ball marker behind the ball in line with the hole. When putting, you can use the toe or instep but NOT the sole of your shoe to roll the ball.

When in the bunker, you are not allowed to run or scoop the ball out. Remember to rake the bunker for following players upon completion of your kick.

Out of Bounds
If you kick your ball outside the boundary of the course, you must take a penalty stroke and return to the location where you last kicked.

When it’s windy or there are difficult conditions, you can shout “STOP” when your ball has come to rest and mark it. You cannot pick it up unless another player asks you to. If your ball moves, you can move it back.

Make sure you swap scorecards on the 1st tee and write down the score of your opponent clearly. When you finish each hole, check the scores and remember to sign the scorecard at the end.

For any questions, please email or call 303.231.9690

    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Age: 19 and Up