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Sports Monster is excited to announce that Volo has acquired the Denver market!

Starting this Fall, all Sports Monster players will need to register through Volo's website (there will be no more Sport Monster leagues offered moving forward:

Volo will still offer competitive Soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and competitive Basketball at Denver University.

All of your favorite sports are also offered including Flag Football, Kickball, Softball, Volleyball, and more!

Email for any questions or inquiries.

Thank you for playing with us for all of these years!

- Sports Monster Family.
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Sports Monster Denver Soccer

Winter Indoor Champs- FC Ibitha
Winter Indoor Champs- FC Ibitha
Sports Monster Denver Soccer
Sports Monster Denver Soccer
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Something Sexual
Taco Cat
Taco Cat

Get Your Soccer Fix!

Summer Leagues are here!!


Registration is now open for full teams or individuals looking to be placed on a team.



We have a 95% successful individual placement rate when you provide us 3 options for placement - so sign up!


It's always a FUN season of soccer with Sports Monster! Join us year-round for the best soccer leagues with the best facilities in Denver!


We offer multiple levels of play. Pick the one best suited for you/your team.


Recreational Level: Game times = two 25 minute halfs. Matches run hourly.


If you and or your team are looking for a good time and aren't the best soccer player(s) out there but love the game then this is your league. This level is set for those players who didn't play in college and maybe played some high school or just overall athletic and want to play ball. You can even have a mixture of good players and beginners, but this level is set for our recreational players.


You will see REC offered for 7v7.


For coed 11v11, there are different levels of Recreational skill offered. Look to see which one best suits your team's yourself for matching. And feel free to call or e-mail with questions!


Coed Divisions:


Burgundy Lower: New to the game or just wanting to play for fun with your friends? Then the Burgundy division is for you!


Blue Mid: Played a little in high school and like to be competitve? Then play in our Blue division!


White Upper: If you consider yourself a Messi or a Wambach and want to dominate the competition, then sign up for our most competitive division!


Competitive Level: Game Times = two 25 minute halfs. Matches run hourly.

Played college? Played High School or have just played consistently in pick up or league play? Then this will be the league for you. This level is set for those individuals and teams looking to play some competitive soccer with highly skilled opponents and teammates.












Standard Soccer Leagues Include:

Indoor & Spring Outdoor: 6 regular season matches plus 2 weeks of single elimination playoffs.



- 11v11 (Gender Breakdown: 7M/4F).

- 7v7 (Gender Breakdown: 5M/2F).

Paid Referees provided

- Prize for the winning team

- Make sure everyone is wearing same color shirts.





Leagues sponsored by Brother's Bar & Grill at the Shops at Northfield!

Come with your team and family after your games for a refreshing drink or order some great food and watch the end of your favorite professional sports team!


Any questions about soccer leagues?  Feel free to email or call 303.231.9690