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Your Myrrh Tournament Cup Runneth Over!

Your Myrrh Tournament Cup Runneth Over!

Check out and Register to Play in Seasonal One Day Events

If you are into more of a single day one and done kind of sports experience, Sports Monster's tournaments are the way to go. Come out for one day of fun with your friends or meet some new friends!


New for 2018 - The Myrrh Cup (actual Cup not depicted)! Not only is myrrh an ancient aromatic resin, it is now the prize when you win it all. mmmmmm...myrrh... Check out what is coming up below. Click the LEARN MORE icon to open a pop-up box of info. 


All tournaments open to team registrations. Some tournaments open to individual registrations. Look below for details. Click the LEARN MORE to...learn more about each one.


As with Sports Monster's fantastic leagues, all tournaments have all-inclusive pricing. Once you register and pay, you are set. There may be other things to spend some money on while at a tournament but the tournament itself is all-inclusve. All Sports Monster Tournaments are ages 19+.


Got questions? Call us! 303-231-9690 or email