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Sports Monster is excited to announce that Volo has acquired the Denver market!

Starting this Fall, all Sports Monster players will need to register through Volo's website (there will be no more Sport Monster leagues offered moving forward:


Volo will still offer competitive Soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and competitive Basketball at Denver University.

All of your favorite sports are also offered including Flag Football, Kickball, Softball, Volleyball, and more!

Email denver@volosports.com for any questions or inquiries.

Thank you for playing with us for all of these years!

- Sports Monster Family.
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City of Cuernavaca Park
City of Cuernavaca Park



Outdoor Sand Volleyball Fun!


Join us this season for a fun season of Sand Volleyball. We will be playing in Thornton at AMF Sonesta!


We offer coed leagues with Bumper (rec), Dinker (int) and Spiker (comp) levels to ensure good competition no matter your skills.


Registration is open for full teams or individuals looking to be placed on a team. Leagues will fill up quickly so act fast and secure your spot for the upcoming season!


Volleyball Leagues Include:

  • *6 Week Regular Season + playoff tournament (all teams qualify)
  • Monitors provided for lower (Bumper) level leagues
  • Referees provided for higher (Dinker and Spiker) level leagues
  • Game balls provided by Sports Monster
  • Coed leagues have 3 men/3 women (for 6's), or 2 men/2 women (4's) on court - can play more women if desired
  • Matches consist of three games played to 25 - rally scoring
  • League Champions receive a choice of t-shirts, trophies, new season credit, or bar tab.

        *Actual league length may vary as advertised


Bumper (Recreational): Sports Monster`s Bumper level is ideal for teams and players looking for recreational play. Bumper teams all attempt to bump, set and spike each time. However, one or two contacts before going over net are not uncommon. You will find most bumper teams to be comprised of one or two skilled players, one or two decent players and one or two unskilled players--any combination of the above making for an interesting dynamic. Paid monitor included to answer questions and keep track of scoring.


Dinker (Intermediate): Sports Monster Dinker level is for the intermediate level volleyball player. Dinker is the happy medium for those players who`s skills fall somewhere between Bumper and Spiker. You are good but not so good. Teams usually play an organized offense (4-2, 5-1, 6-2) and have good overall skills. Perhaps a bit shorter or older and not up for the going up against they towering young bucks and does in Spiker? Paid referee included.


Spiker (Competitive): Sports Monster Spiker level is our solid competitive level. All areas of the game: serving, passing, hitting and blocking are played well. Each team will have one or two areas of weakness or inconsistency that may be taken advantage of. There are no unskilled players at this level, some college experience players but the majority are IM, club or high school experienced players who execute and understand the game well. Spiker level teams will run 5-1, 6-2 and 4-2 offenses. Defensive court coverage is good. Jump serving is allowed. Our referees will expect a thorough knowledge of the sport and will call sets tightly. Paid referee included.


Any questions? Call us at 303-231-9690 or email Matt at mattv@sportsmonster.net